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Member since 2013-03-18


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2017-02-03


Zetsu Seki Feca Lvl 184 Remington
Yano Seki Cra Lvl 180 Remington
Fhil And Bob Marley Sacrier Lvl 177 Remington
Acient Astronaut Theory Eniripsa Lvl 158 Remington
Yuno Seki Xelor Lvl 158 Remington
This Is Sfhilta Pandawa Lvl 151 Remington
Firenaut Foggernaut Lvl 5 Dathura

Activity on the wakfu Forum

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does this passive give at lvl 20 20% damage or does it do +20% in dizzy targets?
By Masque-De-Mystique - 2013-08-12 02:22:11 in Haven Worlds
0 606
Hey there, im here to discuss about the hight levels...
its not all flat what would you think about mountains and stuff?
7 1033
I clicked on it and it vanished