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Hi guys,

Apparently concoctions were added in 2.29 and that's when i recommenced playing the game and leveling my alchemy! now that they're removed, i have a whole load of concoctions that i cant sell or do anything with.

When removing the production/creation of a certain item from a game, it should become rare rather than completely useless. Change it to a misc resource, convert and give us back they're base materials or, at least, remove all concoctions from our bank and reimburse us with an...
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Hello. I'm a level 63 Cra named Masit.

I'm trying level up my alchemy profession but the Pandkins i'm trying to collect are in Terrdala village, an alliance only village in Pandala. The alliance is currently ROMA so i'd really appreciate it if a guild in this alliance accepts me so i can continue my skilling. I've been collecting the Pandkins on the outskirts but its not enough and waiting for them to regrow is a pain.

I've been playing for around a month now after a 7 year hiatus. I find skilling...