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Member since 2006-04-14


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-06-16


Sram Lvl Omega 177 Echo
Cute and Cuddly
Pandawa Lvl Omega 38 Echo
Cute and Cuddly
Cra Lvl Omega 5 Echo
Kwak Season and Fireworks
Enutrof Lvl 190 Echo
Cute and Cuddly
Eniripsa Lvl 138 Echo
Cute and Cuddly

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it seems the animal emote ( /osamodas ) has a bug that makes it unuseable..
it is allways greyed out with the message: emote can not used by mounted or transformed characters..
even if dismounted and totally naked it stays the same.. the emote stays greyed out and if typed no animation appears...

any ideas or suggestions?
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seems the devs love to spoil any fun out of this game!

for days now i try to escape those !"§$%& arachnees in bonta quest 84 Leng Plateau..
after over 80 attempts trying to solve this annoying quest i am 100% sure the devs hate us!

even using a youtube guide proved futile..  following it step by step is no help since other than on the video, those gargantulas steal 1 mp or ignore the egg!!

i would like to hear what the devs think about creating quests where neither skill or tactis...
By Marleen - 2015-05-05 20:39:51 in Problems and solutions
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seems todays update reset my securityshield and wants to add my "new" pc... sadly i do not get any code sent to my e-mail adress... :/
never had that problem before.. the securitycode was allways sent asap... and now its 1 hour and still no mail

both dofus access and accountmanagement is resticted and my mail adress is still the same..