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Olá! Sou o Mark e jogo Wakfu há alguns anos. Sou um jogador de personagem único e todos os meus esforços e progressões vão para o meu Osamodas chamado Markx de nível 200.
Sou ex-líder da Corvos de Efrim, mas ainda auxilio na administração dela.
Também possuo diversos guias em português destinados à comunidade pt-br.

A minha Ankabox está liberada para mensagens de qualquer usuário, mas se você quiser uma resposta será necessário me adicionar na sua lista de amigos ou liberar a sua caixa para todos também.

Qualquer dúvida é só falar!
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Just lost a Draft game because my Don Puffnando was Authoritiy'd and instead of attacking the enemy minion with its ranged attack, it just faced into it (it wasn't silenced).
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That's right! Blue Larva is by far the strongest card for any agressive deck and, in my opinion, that's not how it should be.

Let's get Iops as example (they are going to be slightly nerfed, but not enough).
They have to spend several cards to win trades and reach Dofus. That's how agressive decks work. However, if the opponent manages to survive enough turns, most of time losing a real dofus and luring to some fake dofus, the Iop shouldn't have anymore fuel to keep his agression going.

But that's...
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Rushu is clearly overpowered and that's ok, but this spell is the definition of frustration. You might be playing your game perfectly and then just lose because all those summons just rushed your Dofus with +1 attack.
Every other spell is okay, because you can actually recover yourself from them and get time to respond properly, but "Now I'm Winning" is broken. 
I hope this complain will be taken in note for the next dungeon