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Sou Mark e sou conhecido pelos vários guias que fiz nos fórums de Wakfu e pela guilda Corvos de Efrim que era ativa antigamente.
Atualmente jogo Waven e acredito que seja bastante promissor.

Nota: A minha Ankabox está liberada para mensagens de qualquer usuário, mas se você quiser uma resposta será necessário me adicionar na sua lista de amigos ou liberar a sua caixa para todos também.

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Markx Osamodas Lvl 213 Rubilax
Leomark Ouginak Lvl 197 Rubilax
Purpleweedz Foggernaut Lvl 181 Rubilax
Markraider Masqueraider Lvl 151 Rubilax
Markotrof Enutrof Lvl 147 Rubilax
Highweed Sadida Lvl 109 Rubilax
Nilum Pandawa Lvl 69 Rubilax
Markotrope Eliotrope Lvl 64 Rubilax

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Hi, there!
I believe they should come as effects on the states.json.
As stated in 2019, there's a technical reason to effects not being available for all states, but would be pretty cool if we had at least the ones for subllimations, so our automated fan-made tools (such as Corvo Astral) can provide this information without manual input and update.
Please consider {3
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Hey, there.
Let's say we want to promote an event where there's luck involved, how could we make a player like throw a dice and the result be visible to other people in the same screen?

So far I know that
- Throw dice emote might generate different results for each player in the screen
- Moon Cannon could work, but it's in a fixed place and I was looking for something like an emote or item
- Not sure if Krosmaga emote is random as Throw Dice, but it's not that accessible for all players
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Hi, people!
I'm Markx and after playing this game for so long I want to share with you some notes I've just taken while leveling up a new character without an active Bonus Pack.
.PreparationSome useful shortcuts

- It's good to always have some breads, kenkos and osamodas powder in the inventory
- Remember to use Wisdom Candies on boss fights and making use of the +40 Wisdom buff from Almanax Bonus
- You can check the current almanax bonus and a lot of other cool Wakfu info using the Corvo Astral...