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Leitro Enutrof Lvl 100 Rubilax
Elitro Eliotrope Lvl 99 Rubilax
Poitro Iop Lvl 99 Rubilax
Saitro Sadida Lvl 59 Rubilax
Enitro Eniripsa Lvl 59 Rubilax
Puptro Ouginak Lvl 56 Rubilax
Cratro Cra Lvl 56 Rubilax
Ramtro Sram Lvl 56 Rubilax
Xeltro Xelor Lvl 56 Rubilax
Robotro Foggernaut Lvl 56 Rubilax
Oiptro Iop Lvl 56 Rubilax
Fectro Feca Lvl 56 Rubilax
Mastro Masqueraider Lvl 56 Rubilax
Magetro Huppermage Lvl 56 Rubilax
Ioptro Iop Lvl 55 Rubilax

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I started towards a haven world while auctions were a thing, so I built up 300m kamas to try to win the next haven world auction. Turns out there weren't going to be any more auctions. Now I needed guild points. A lot of guild points. I made 15 new characters bringing my total to 18 just so I can do the guild dailies on each of them, but it wasn't enough.

Then I figured out I can just kill weak enemies with a group of 3 of my characters and I get 6 guild points per fight. 6 points for one-hit killing...
8 632
I see the last time an admin responded about haven world auctions seems to have been half a year ago saying there are no auctions scheduled.

has that changed, and when an auction is happening in-game how would I know about it? I wouldn't want to miss an auction, but I don't know where to look to know if an auction is going on.

I'm in the Nox server. My guild has about 200m kamas, hopefully that's enough to win an auction.

If haven worlds are limited due to server costs, is there any way I can...