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The Purple Tofu Cra Lvl 176 Nox
Mariallium Eniripsa Lvl 128 Nox
Harm Iop Lvl 119 Nox
Harlee Quin Masqueraider Lvl 119 Nox
Umbra Ultimus Huppermage Lvl 117 Nox
Xanesha Enutrof Lvl 100 Nox
Ardeon Rogue Lvl 99 Nox
Mii Ouginak Lvl 81 Nox
Marmar Cra Lvl 10 Dathura
Mariallia Eniripsa Lvl 6 Remington
The Purple Tofu Cra Lvl 3 Remington
Marta Cra Lvl 1 Dathura

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Have you ever noticed how many gobballs poor Hugo Bello has to count? well it seems spring is in the air and the gobballs are multiplying like... well gobbals! on April 20th at 8pm in Hugo's Prairie in Amakna. I the Purple Tofu will be hosting an all you can kill event with fabulous prizes;

1st Place 50,000kamas and a Pandawa haven bag kit
2nd Place 25,000kamas and a pet of the element of your choice + enough food for 50 days (krakotte, young wild sow, scarafly, or surimi)
3rd Place 10,000kamas...
By Mariallium - 2014-09-11 19:35:24 in Haven Worlds
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I've been looking around and cant seem to find any definitive tutorial for HW operations.
if there is one please post a link.
otherwise a few dumb questions:
is there a cost to keeping a HW if say i have to take time away from Wakfu?
will it be there when i return in oh hypothetically 2-3 months?

thank you for your input!