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Zottu Ecaflip Lvl 110 Remington
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No matter how many times I set my zoom, it keeps resetting when I re-open the game or when I'm on a mount ( but I think it's just normal it zooms out when you are on your mount ). Any help?
By Marfoo34 - 2020-01-22 18:10:59 in Technical Issues
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So, hi, it's me again.
I'm back again with playing Wakfu by the alternative way ( link: ), and I've encountered a problem: when you're making a new character, and if you want to do the tutorial, the game just loads and loads: Still no video. Is it the problem with the alternative way or with my graphic card ? I've never had this problem before.
By Marfoo34 - 2020-01-15 15:23:52 in Technical Issues
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Okay, so to let you know, I played wakfu for past 2 years. A fun game with nice graphics. wakfu and other games received a new launcher. And here's the problem: wakfu works for XP and Vista (in which I'm an user of Vista), but the new launcher doesn't work on these operation system.

Sure, I can buy a new pc or update my current to WIndows 7, but what if can't upgrade my pc? Or buy new pc?
It's like buying an old car, and at some date, it just stops working: it doesn't start, it doesn't play radio...