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Iroppoison Huppermage Lvl 110 Rubilax
Onikokiba Osamodas Lvl 56 Rubilax
Rittsumi Rogue Lvl 53 Rubilax
Kuhaiko Ecaflip Lvl 44 Rubilax
Kaeiuri Eliotrope Lvl 34 Rubilax

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I just had a thought and had to stop playing to post it.

All the houses and homes that are just there in each nation have no actual owners, it's just ambience, which is awesome don't get me wrong BUT!  What if each house was designed to be rented by the Governor? The price could be set individually and priced based off of it's attractiveness, location, etc.  And that money becomes a money sink in the game like taxes but the governor gets a cut of the cost which goes towards the nation.  Like...
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TL;DR Make food eatable at tables, sitting down, with friends, as meals for added bonus' to their boons. Also, Beers should get your drunk, handled with levels.

I Love Wakfu. I was around during the closed beta. Lost my computer and couldn't play for years and now that I'm back and seeing all the changes that was made in my absence, I love it.  I have always had, since the very beginning this idea:

Create reasons to actually use the environmental interactions, such as chairs at tables and benches.