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Masqueraider Lvl Omega 17 Echo
Foggernaut Lvl 121 Echo
Sacrier Lvl 89 Echo
Cra Lvl 57 Echo
Sram Lvl 55 Echo
Xelor Lvl 55 Ilyzaelle
Huppermage Lvl 40 Ilyzaelle

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Thank you for your explanation. I thought it was a mistake on a website, but the you simply runed out of stock. I will check out the kickstarter page. Thanks again! 
12 493
New stuff is cool, I went to the page and started looking trought the things you can get. I get interested in Krosmaster Quest, then in Krosmaster Arena. The problem is - you can't buy Arena on your page at all, and Quest is not available in english. What? How is that even possible? Are they discontinued? You can buy expantion to Arena, but not the basic game?

It is also really hard to find them anywhere else. On the krosmaster page there is a link to "find a shop" that sells krosmaster arena -...
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- New content for low lvls would be ussless, since currently you progess so fast to like lvl 120 or 130. You won't even have chance to use it. You also want to progress fast, bc on higher lvls you can use more spells. 
- Valuable rewards on low/mid lvls - Things like that become worthless if everyone can have it easily, thats not how economy works. Also the stuff u get on lower lvls is used to create items on for that lvl - so it is rewarding. The problem is that, as I stated in my first point,...