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Member since 2017-11-10


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Last login: 2018-01-27


Averey Eliotrope Lvl 129 Remington
Manlorey Feca Lvl 129 Remington
Calendes Eniripsa Lvl 129 Remington

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Greetings to all fellow interdimensional hat-lovers

Let me first say, that I am sorry if this question has been asked before. I searched for the info in
several threads, but what I found was either a bit outdated or specific information on other classes
or sidekick special roles, like what is the best healer there is.

So, my question would be, what sidekicks would you recommend for an Eliotrope? Not just for a specific build, though I chose to level a ranged DD Eliotrope (lvl 40 and trying things...
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I have downloaded and played Wakfu through Steam, so far so good.

But when I try to go to the Wakfu site to complete my registration to an Ankama account,
as suggested, and use the notification to complete steam account, it just throws me
out of login and on the start page, with no options whatsoever.

Tried every possible browser, even from mobile - it just throws me out every single time after
the click on completing Steam account.

Because of this I am not able to use the site apart...