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I tried to submit a ticket to Support. Link provided? It just refreshes the page.
I eventually finally found a working link and submitted a ticket. It told me to verify it in my email. I open my email and see a message from Support. I click on the link provided to verify. Guess what? the freaking page doesn't exist. I log in Support and re-check. My ticket is not active, is not anywhere to be found, isn't on any lists, nothing. I check the other links provided in the emails. ALL of them lead to "page...
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Seriously, I am literally about to break down and start crying. Why is this NOT WORKING AT ALL?

Is this why I have not seen a SINGLE player in the last five days on Zato server?? FIX THIS!

I can't buy ogrines, can't buy subs, can't buy anything at all. Seriously, come on. Don't give me that whole "omg fraud" crap... I play dozens of games and NONE of them has this bullcrap. You're not special.

Edit: I certified my account using Anamka Shield. Guess what? Now I can't even use my credit card. "This...