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Bought 16000 Ogrines, no problem. Decided to exchange for kamas, waited for a nice rate (around 600ish). Found 614, 16000 gives around 9.8mk; clicked exchange and for the conformation it doesn't give the one it says, in this case it says 16000 for 472780 kamas.

Is this a bug? Kept refreshing and getting different numbers except the one it says it should give... If I click accept, do I get the 9.8mk or what the conformation amount gives?
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Hey there guys, starting to play Dofus with my little brother and wanted some advice on what kind of class to play.

To give a basic description on what I would like: Damage based with some support role (my brother is rolling a Huppermage), a class that in the long run isn't just a mash of a few buttons (as I believe I would get bored of this quickly), like the title description - a bit fiddly but not obnoxious in the sense that one on one PvM it doesn't take forever to kill something due to preparation....