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By Major-Tomtom - 2015-07-01 15:45:48 in Professions
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Since the update i decided to restart again on a different server, and I liked the new profession system a lot,
it allows me to level up all professions at the same pace as my own level, so I can make all my own stuff (that's why I started over).

However I don't see at all how i can keep up with my magus levels, the items i make to level my crafting professions aren't nearly enough to provide the xp for maging items. So my question is:

How do I level magus professions with only having low level...
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There was a thing about hunting that I always disliked:
the game (=profession interface) doesn't tall you what meats can be dropped at which hunter level.
On the one hand this is logical because dropping meats doesn't give xp, so they don't fit in the gathering part and they're definitely no crafts either.
However I think that it should be mentioned somewhere, and i hoped that the new profession interface would have incorporated it, but they didn't.

I hope they fix this soon, cause they're always...