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By Gengol - 2020-07-15 22:16:10 in Bug Reporting
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New possible bug:

Bearbaric dungeon is bugged, the boss revives all dead enemys every turn no matter what we do. Only possible strat seems to be killing him first now. The glitch lead to a lot of people being stuck there.

Doubt i have:

And about Ebony poison still being active after players die: is this a new feature or a bug? I did not see any announcements for that. Sorry if this is not the topic to birng this up.
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Now you just quoting me, Anakama does NOT want us to do the quest, they incentive us to buy the fragments instead of killing the bandits like we are suppose to (like THEY told US to DO), and buying the fragments is even more expansive then the dofus itself, what kind of suggestion is that? What kind of RPG is that?

Anakama: "Hey mate the quest is not worth it, just grind for money and buy the dofus. Only do this achievment when you have nothing else to do or 10 milion kamas laying around to buy...
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The quest for this dofus is ridiculous and DOES NOT match the dofus bonus. You should decrease repop time to at least 2h-6h or increase the Emerald bonus. This way things will make more sense.

Each player has to kill 3 different bandits with repop rate of 3 to 9h. In overpopulated servers there are ALWAYS 5x8 to 10x8 groups of people simply WAITING for the REPOP and hoping for a CHANCE of FINDING ONE of them before one of the 60 other people do. If you could count how many people are stuck in this...