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By MagicArchh - 2012-09-13 20:09:18 in Feca
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Former multi-accounter here, who recently decided to resub. However, I decided to stick to a single account this time, and go for something... different. The decision was pretty easy to make, having had a lot of fun with Backlash on my high-level Feca. However, not wanting to respec it, I took another account, and made a brand new Feca. I am at about level 30, and I'm pretty sure of what to get at first... but then I'm clueless.

I have noted down the 4 shields and Backlash. My initial idea was...
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I'm amazed. Really. I know someone taking the media designer classes, who makes websites. For about 7 months now. And he doesn't make so obvious mistakes like Ankama has.

I pay for 3 accounts, gets locked out from signing up more. Cool. That's a basic security measure. So I wait 24 hours, and sign up another one. The last account is freshly created, and if memory serves me right, I can't subscripe until 48 hours has passed, and sure enough, when I attempted to do so, it got rejected.

So I wait...