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JigglyKitty|2016-12-21 19:54:08Well good news, and I hope I'm not the only one. I too had the Blizzard Aura bug, having missed the forum thread till much later. However, it seems Ankama did pull through today for me at least. I just received the item a long while late, but later is better than never. Thank you, Ankama, for regifting it to people? I just checked and I got mine, too. Thank you to whomever corrected the issue, I greatly appreciate it.
70 14131
I'm pretty disappointed with this outcome. I barely touch the forums, so the other day I just completed the puzzle and was on my way, like any other day. Among all these decoration and food "stocking stuffers" I finally unwrapped a really nice gift, only to find out the next day that it had been taken from me because I didn't double-check that something didn't break? That hardly seems fair.