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By MagEnergY1997 - 2015-07-28 16:07:02 in Iop
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Is int iop still viable? And are there any major changes? Or is there anything that could be changed?
Lvl 199.

Celestial barbarian mask
Otomai sword
Bearbaric band
Inky veil
Otomai amulet
Gelano (1ap,mp)
anium lignature
Otomai boots
Crimson dofus
Major powerhouse
Major forerunner
major scholar
major brainbox
eme/ging mount

Thank you  
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Hey guys, just here to tell you that imo, somebody shall update dofus wikia, it has really outdated data on it. Tho somewhere it says the data might be outdated, it's just awkward to see the wikia in the state it is right now.
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Hey guys, i was thinking about returning back to dofus, but i have no idea which classes are the best for kolo, pvm, pvp atm? Mostly soloing things, but be able to fit in a group of people. I have 199 Iop, Eca, Sram and Panda available, all on 1 acc. The one i have dressed up is iop, he is int, so int char would be preferred. but i would be able to sell my gear too. And which builds are the most verstaile now?

Ty I have access to 1 ochre, 1 crimson, turq, emerald dofus too, so that wouldn't be...