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Who is nobody with a nose?


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Apparently it’s not important no one talk about it, there is no post or no important message about it it’s fine millions of people are banned from Wakfu because of a unknown reason due to lack of communication but like I said, it’s not important.

Even though this happened, is it possible to know the reason or we just keep avoiding people who spent money/years on this game and then got banned for no reason?
I mean, it’s just few countries and so millions of players that cannot access the...
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When I enter my password as the launcher starts, it says it can't etablish a connection with the server.
Me and my friend has been experiencing this bug since yesterday.
When it will be fixed please?
By Mael28 - 2020-04-11 11:11:36 in 1.67 Bug Reports
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11/04/20 6:00AM (server time)
Haven World
We built our hall (duration says: 3 hours) in our haven world but it says it's still building even though in haven world tab it says constructed. It's been half a day since we started the construction.
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