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Just a curious topic:

If you were to start over from scratch (no chars, no kamas, nothing in the bank) but you have the knowledge of the game that you have now, how would you go about playing the game?
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Out of curiosity, which class do you think would work well together with a second member of that class?

Ex. Iop/Iop or a Osa/Osa duo.

With all the global cool-downs/buffs not stacking/etc, which class would still make an interesting duo with itself?
By MadnessIncarnate - 2013-02-26 23:54:59 in Cra
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So for all those Duo dungeon achievements, what would be a good choice for a partner for a Str/Int Cra int the 190s?

I was thinking a Str/Agi Iop to just try and blitz the mobs as both of them are hard hitting classes.
Seeing as how most of the invulnerability mechanics on higher level dungeons require some form of pushback or map-manipulation, it should be relatively effective?