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Kyuketsuki Iop Lvl 116 Remington
Vampirella Sacrier Lvl 29 Remington

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Hi guys,

First of all, I am not having a gripe here because our server hasn't managed to take down Magmog yet, this is purely just to find out whether other teams running Magmog has noticed this at all or others can offer some insight into it? Unfortunately, I have not taken any videos or screenshots for this post but I will make sure to this weekend when my team goes again.

My team has been trying to down Magmog for some weeks now (before and after the map changes) and of course we watched the...
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Hi guys,

I'm just posting this as I'm feeling rather depressed about my gaming experience at the moment and I wanted to know if a lot of people actually feel this way or is it just me? :/

Lately, I've had more players in my guild (and outside of it) being inactive or stop playing and I'm getting frustrated with having to create alts or ask other players to create very specific builds and classes to attempt the Ultimate Bosses that we want to kill. The game just doesn't feel like an MMO to me because...
By MadamRage - 2013-02-05 22:10:33 in Trade
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Hi guys

At the moment I would like to buy these items, please post here or message me in game if you are selling ^^ Thanks! -

- Fire Resist Runes lvl 80+
- HP Runes lvl 90 & 100
- Rampart Amulet
- Whispered BP
- Minatsu Boots
- Water Resist Runes lvl 80+
- Fogger Emblem

I am selling the following items (more to come!) -

- Moo Fangs
- Lunar set pieces
- Milkar set pieces
- Boowolf mats
- Tauxik Hammer
- Excarnus set pieces
- Hurl set pieces
- Black Crow Feathers
- Lvl 70 (14%) Water Damage...