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This topic doesn't really have a thread title. I was discussing the geography of the World of Twelve with another player in-game and it just came to my attention that the World of Twelve resembles the real world geographically in a lot of ways. I feel like I am treading on dangerous grounds with this but it is a honest dare from my in-game friend. I have read the TOS and reviewed what I have written and believe I am in no violation of rules or at least any transgressions to be found is of minor extent....
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According to Nerodos almost a year ago,
Nerodos|2016-07-27 16:26:26a new four-item set that should hit the Emporium later this year. This promotion is only meant to offer you a way to get these items before their proper is said that the Shushivin would be a new set of Living Items that we would get at the end of last year 2016 but we did not get the full set. Now finally the two major pieces of the Shushivin Set has hit the Emporium, we are still awaiting for the last 2 pieces.

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I just realised recently that my logins to DOFUS sites are insecure. It never occured to me that insecurity might be a problem since I use Authenticator for my account, but recent news about people getting looted after deactivating their shields made me slightly uneasy.

I noticed that my access to DOFUS sites such as , , etc. are not encrypted. Usually by manually typing https:// before the link allows me to access a more secure connection to the site I want to visit. However...