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Kink Moth Osamodas Lvl 89 Rubilax
Severity Feca Lvl 73 Rubilax
Hermetic Sadida Lvl 72 Rubilax
Chesed Cra Lvl 27 Rubilax
NOX-Mad Moth Xelor Lvl 22 Rubilax
Madpath Moth Ecaflip Lvl 22 Rubilax
Mad Moth Rogue Lvl 13 Rubilax

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I was in Amakna doing the story quest (use a lure to fight Gobballs and Tofu) when, after clicking the Gobball Lure, I just out of nowhere got a Disobedience Penalty and lost ALL the clan bonuses I had!  I'm only level 25, that's a huge chunk of my character's effectiveness!  My HP went down by 20%, I lost a huge chunk of damage, and about a sixth of my Dodge.  What the hell did I do?

I can't find anywhere in-game that tells me what counts as Disobedience!  I don't know how to regain those bonuses,...