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Conspiracy Theory
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Hi! Dofus is a big part of my life for many years so I've decided to honor this whole universe with a tattoo on my body. I have plenty of ideas, but still feel like I can find some inspiration. I'd like to have something cute and iconic; gobball, tofu, maybe a blop.

So here is my question! Do you have any ideas, inspirations or artworks that would look stunning? Or perhaps you are an artist who would like to collaborate? :3
By MTT12 - 2018-07-31 14:28:42 in Rogue
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Hi! I'm playing my brand new character (Rogue obviously) who is 15Xlvl. He is full int and always fighting alongside Str Sadi. We're focusing on pve and dungs mostly. As reseting stats is so easy at the momemt and I have to get some new gear in +/- 15lvls, I am considering the change of my element.So I am wondering whether I should stick to int, make a hybrid or change my build completely. My experience with Rogue isn't that good and I don't really know what aspects of particular elements are crucial.So...
By MTT12 - 2017-09-12 16:15:11 in General Discussion
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