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Cloudi Sacrier Lvl 173 Remington
Cloudios Rogue Lvl 166 Remington
Cloudiot Foggernaut Lvl 99 Remington
Jese James Masqueraider Lvl 53 Remington
Sid Wallk Pandawa Lvl 15 Remington
Cloudi Sacrier Lvl 3 Dathura
Black Crow Feca Lvl 1 Dathura
Milker Milkar Sadida Lvl 1 Dathura
Butcher Pandawa Lvl 1 Dathura
Arrows Of Heaven Eniripsa Lvl 1 Dathura

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By MEMW909 - 2014-06-06 21:33:57 in General Discussions
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To be fair they did a good job solving my problem and answering the ticket Immediately.


Cloudi with love
By MEMW909 - 2014-03-02 20:54:25 in General Discussions
2 815
Thanks Ankama for the double xp.
By MEMW909 - 2014-02-13 16:43:26 in Guilds
13 2957
Welcome one and all.
La Guilde is currently recruiting!
If you are looking for an established guild with a strong foundation and fun, active members to chill out with, then La Guilde is the place for you.

Before you decide if you would like to join us, come in and take a tour of the newly *revamped La Guilde Haven World.

Situated in the centre of the thriving 5th Bond Avenue market, our Haven World has extensive planting areas for farming and trees, a Manganese and Hazy Lead mine, and has been...