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ok when the game first went live some people QQ about the subscriptions being 30 days counted as a month instead of actual months passed and they get there way and its changed to months not 30 day increments.

the game went live at the end of that counted as a full month?it wasnt even a weeks worth of time at the end of febuary .i know its 6 bucks a month but that dont seem right for a week to count as a month of a subscription based mmo.
By M1010110101 - 2012-04-18 22:08:37 in General Discussions
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any one else think that if the proposed enchant system is anything more than changing the element bonus to a different element its going to be game breaking and every one will hit like a lvl 100 air cra or have so much init who goes first vs second may be measured in 200 increments .

if there from drop they will be the new 5k kama items if there crafted every one will be 1 shoting each other . if there only from rare spawn bosses there will be to much fighting over who will take down moon to actually...
By M1010110101 - 2012-04-12 09:37:42 in Suggestions
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the fairly new low hits are not a cra / eni only thing. they QQ about it alot ingame but its across the board. every one can hit about 100 less than normal from time to time. its annoying. i think its attached to critical fail but havent tested since very little gear wise has the trait.

get rid of it since it didnt fool any one . the cra are still op and it just makes the difference in damage in 1 turn more lopsided if the cra dont eca fail and every one else does it to make a ecaflip feel...