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For a while now, people have been asking for panda nerfs and I've been telling them if pandas got them, they'd need a nerf or be overpowered. Surprise surprise, they got buffed, they got OP. Ugh...let's get on with this, then. But first...

Pandatak/melancoly/explosive flask: stealth nerf on crit damage was sneaky and mostly pointless, but hey, it's there. I still think they deal way too much damage with little effort.

Bombance: I'm gonna start with this one, despite being in the bottom of the list,...
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Hoo, boy, I have quite a bit to talk about here, and it won't be pretty...

Coward mask: ...however, the stuff that bugged me will wait a bit. This one is better. More mobility is always fun.

Masque du couard: this is also good. Makes sense for the long range state. I like it.

Picada: ok, here's where the anger begins. This spell was not powerful. It was meh at best, and terrible at worst. So, what does ankama do? Make it linear, and take the lock reduction for...2 base damage and 1 range. Are...