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Luzceleste Feca Lvl 86 Nox
Luzoscura Pandawa Lvl 61 Nox
Celesteluz Sadida Lvl 44 Nox
Luzeterna Eniripsa Lvl 27 Nox
Luzcarmesi Rogue Lvl 27 Nox

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By LuzCeleste114 - 2012-05-13 06:22:11 in Trade
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IGN Luzceleste
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A spell level cap =( there goes the best aspect of Wakfu...

I hate to be "this girl" I'm very patient and I've stuck with this game since closed beta...

I really loved a lot of Wakfu, it's got a lot of unique features, ANYWAY...

The main reason why I loved Wakfu was because of the huge growth possible per character... All the spells could be leveled up at your convenience and all could fairly easily be leveled up to a "decent' level, but, not to amazing level... You could get to a point where...