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By Luitzenant - 2009-01-28 14:12:54 in Suggestion Box
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The challenge 'Cruel' isn't working anymore. At first I thought it was my own mistake but later on when I kept failing Cruel I became very punctional on completing it but I still kept failing it. So I'm pretty sure that Cruel isn't working proper. I asked a few people I know and they experienced the same. Maybe I'm wrong but please take a look at it.
By Luitzenant - 2008-12-25 20:13:15 in General Discussion
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Okay, Dofus went down, it can happen. I noticed there was a back-up on Rosal (server im playing on) about 45 min before the servers went down. I just finished some dungeon before this back-up and after that I started to do the soul, then suddenly the server went down. Now it's back up, but instead of doing a rollback to the back-up I noticed I'm dead and my soul is gone. Why for god sake didnt you guys (ankama crew) do a rollback, I'm paying for this game and you guys should work for your money instead...