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By Lowhunter - 2017-06-06 15:17:40 in Suggestion Box
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After sitting here in the magus worshop for 4 days, 6 hours a day trying to exomage one item (320 tries at the moment, still going), I decided to make a thread about the success rate improvement of exomaging without majorly affecting the current success rate.

What if items had a better success rate if an item fails to land an exomage? The formula could be something like the item's sink before failure divided by the item's total sink value, divide by 10 and add it to the base exo-rune percentual...
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I do a lot of treasure hunts. Sometimes there are clues that are incredibly hard to find in that map or are objects behind other objects which then it becomes a guessing game. I decided to post one clue here which took me a lot of time to guess.

If anyone finds the clue 'Crate' from this map, please post your answer here.

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I am not sure when this started to happen, but I can no longer connect to kolossium server. I enter the kolossium queue and when I find a match, the game will attempt to connect to the kolossium server, but is unable to load. If I disconnect and reconnect, the loading will be stuck at 50%. I have tried disabling firewall, anti-virus, router security (also tried forwarding the ports that are visible in the dofus login screen), but nothing seems to help. I was able to connect to inter-server...