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I was rank 7 in Julys season despite not playing much. Yet I did not receive Hecates pedestal everyone above rank 6 receives.
Why and how can I get it?
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So in my opinion Iop received just a bunch of bad cards.
Wrath is basically useless. Not even Zoos play with less than 2 AT and usually buff their low cost minions.
1 AT on minions for 4 AP is basically nothing.
Celestial sword is way too expensive for it's usage when you have Gutting Gust.

And the minions, oh boy.
Blasphemy might be useful, but you can also get any Arachne.
Guardian is the only good card imo.
Hero is a joke that noone gonna use. You can argue: "But it buffs ur first strike minions"....
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First of all, I know, it sounds ridiculous. How can someone with an Iop deck having troubles.
I like Iop very much and always played on in all Ankama games. And despite hearing all people saying Iop is overpowered, I have troubles win against gods which are treated weak.
This is my deck:Spoiler (click to display text)  These are the Iop cards I own:Spoiler (click to display text)  And these are all my neutral cards:Spoiler (click to display text) I don't want that someone just gives me a complete...