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NOX-Gremo Sram Lvl 22 Rubilax
Pracriny Iop Lvl 6 Rubilax
Tunibi Sacrier Lvl 6 Rubilax
Titasta Rogue Lvl 5 Rubilax
Evil King Ganondorf Enutrof Lvl 4 Rubilax

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SupersunZeratul|2012-02-22 00:50:02Actually I'm looking at another pair of spells.

6 AP and 1 WP, 0 crit

3 Card + All or Nothing = 130.25 base damage

x3 Jabs + Uppercut = 121 base damage

Kinda scary isn't it
Personally, I save my WP for Roll Again. I like to be able to get rid of Ouginak when it pops up so I don't spend a turn crippled by 3AP.

I just haven't seen a huge point to Three Cards since it costs a WP, only has 1 decent bonus (which is largely wasted if you combo it into AoN, since...
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I'm not sure what lock chances look like later on in the game, but with negligible amounts of dodge on my gear (+5), I float around 60-70% lock chance with a single enemy on me. Obviously it will change based on the monsters or people you're fighting, but you definitely need to take that into account when calculating the extra "bonus" damage you get from a crit with All or Nothing. I'd also like to take a look at each spell beyond just 30% crit, since that is purely a benchmark for HoT and Battle.

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SupersunZeratul|2012-02-21 08:08:21 I think your math is off.

Even with 100% crit I'm still seeing that All-In beats Battle with 3 AP.

Battle = 50 damage

All in = 39 damage + 30% chance to double
39+39(30/100) = 50.7

and yes, as much as I hate to admit it, the spell needs a nerf ; ;
I wasn't saying you'd ever use Battle over using All-In. I actually overlooked comparing the two, because I was assuming you'd always use All-In unless you had the God card or unless it was physically impossible...