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By Lordantroz - 2018-09-18 22:49:56 in Sadida
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I've never played a Sadida before, but thought it would be great to try a completely new class. so I was wondering what elements would be best for pvp and pvm was looking at intel/ chance but im not really sure.:unsure:
By Lordantroz - 2018-09-17 22:37:41 in General Discussion
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so im looking to do pvp but don't know what class to pick and was wondering if u guys could give ideas on what class to pick. im looking for damage and utility or maybe be support.
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I was thinking doing str/fire for my ouginak but I don't know if that be good for pvp n pve. so I was wondering if that would good elements to choose or is there better chooses. cuz im looking for damage and maybe utility but mostly damage.