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Velonolan Feca Lvl 189 Remington
Do-Evoli Eliotrope Lvl 188 Remington
Velohaku Pandawa Lvl 184 Remington
Velochaos Osamodas Lvl 119 Remington
Veloneon Sacrier Lvl 114 Remington
Velobean Enutrof Lvl 90 Remington

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By Longjevity - 2018-06-15 16:59:21 in Trade
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I've been having a really hard time tracking people down who might have Sulik fragments to sell me!
Looking to buy 54 - upwards of 70kk a piece (we can talk prices online)
In game: Velonova (Sram), on the account dingopants

*Thanks in advance!
By Longjevity - 2013-03-11 05:37:31 in Rogue
22 7326
Maybe Im not understanding this correctly, But earth Rouge has more damage potential than.. Basically anything.

This Set:
+739 HP, +15%damage (all) +116% Water Damage, + 166% Earth Damage, + 13% Critical Hits, + 30% Air Resist, + 30% Fire Resist, + 56% Resist (All), + 15% resist air, +15% resist fire, +164 Initiative, + 139 Lock + 25 dodge, 16 Block + 1 MP + 3 AP, +15% damage from Behind, +1 lvls. to earth spells.
So you skill 1 ap, then the rest to (mp/crit/earth damage/initiative) Or something.
24 8670
So i've been playing a dragon Osa and have have really been enjoying it.
-> As we know, the typical 10ap, bwork trump, whipx2, scarawing combo, does a boat load of damage. I've been debating how to maximize the damage of this classic combo- and the largest point of debate is how backstab damage boosters are calculated in the equation, and depending on that what equipment would be best for this build.

My osa build is pretty straight forward- I Skill 1MP and 1Range, rest in AGI.