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I love the new system of average pricing for Items, but what I don’t love it’s its uncertainty.
-before 1.64, the system was amazing and very helpful. But everything changed when 1.65 attacked...errrr...arrived.
-1.65 bought along many values for 1type of gear. Here is my suggestion:

Update pricing for each socket number and unrolled. Something like this:

When clicking on a gear piece, have a small icon to open a window that leads to average pricing, in it have the prices as follows:

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I know this is a highly controversial topic and many people have tried to convince the Ankama team to change their ways. So far nobody has succeeded so without further ado here is my suggestion.

Change how UBs work. Not entirely how they are now. more like a side choice.

-Als UBs are challenging yes. It was brought out to make the "Ultimate" like they were meant to sound from some viewers. but for those who can't even run them without als gear its a pain in the rear to do them so they are...
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As the title says. I suggest to turn sublimations into blueprints to be craftable. The rate of drop is ridiculously bad and they are selling for higher price than even the most popular gear, so imagine having to get all 10, especially when you’re looking for a specific sublimation that you need. It’s also very frustrating when you see a lot of players quitting because of this new system and the players who remain don’t have the strength, capacity, booster, or commitment to farm for scrolls....