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Eniripsa Lvl 200 Dodge
Foggernaut Lvl 67 Dodge

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Hi, I don't know how those works on dofus PC (I guess fine since on dofusbook they display correctly) but on Touch they are very buggy and the results are very far from what you would except. Try for example the Hatter Lily (xelor) or Ukando hat (ecaflip) on a female cra (haven't check male cra but I guess doesn't work either), the colors don't change at all, others hat have a completely different shades of color like for example the Cap Rayer (sacrier). Can you please fix them (maybe not retroactively)?...
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Hi, I'm having difficulties ending this quest (quest needed for one of the achievs on frigost island)... I cleared the snowbound village after Fuji was taken down (the npc Baka Laive says so) and collected 10 snowfoux dentures... The village is free from snowfoux, I don't have Lurgi, I have 10 dentures in my inventory yet Baka Laive keep on saying the same thing.

The bug was fixed with the recent update, thank you!
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Hi! I'm from server Dodge. From this morning me and others are currently not able to access the dungeon, yesterday it worked just fine (Earlier in today's morning also it seems). The heart's counter is now at 0 too...

Bump, same problem again