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Is there some sort of dungeon finder in game? That would be amazing! Make it easier to get groups goin.

Also I played back in the day. Wondering when I should leave Incarn. Been farming skeletons. Currently level 21 and xp is slowing. Thinking about leaving. Should I head to the flower dungeon area?
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Hello everyone,

I noticed the Oshimo server has more people on it than I have ever seen. Is there any way to play on Oshimo from America? It seems to not allow me to join it from server selection.
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Hello everyone. Started on Grandapan recently and loving it. Only level 20 or so atm. Looking at population counts. Rushu averages 15k online in a day where Grandapan is already hitting 8k a day.

Here is the catch though ... I played Rushu for a few months and stopped due to the insane amount of multiboxers rendering me soloing near useless and impossible to find groups.

Doesnt DOFUS TOuch being only on tablets/phones mean that these are all 8,000 individual players who are all actively looking...