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Foggernaut Lvl 176 Ilyzaelle

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Surprising how little actual info there is on Foggernaut class, especially post the addition of the update skill trees. Hoping to start this discussion to see what people have had success with.

To start I am currently level 125ish and have been using pure STR. Early game Anchor damage and range was unrivaled. This combined with Harpooner has gotten through plenty early to mid game content. 

The issue is, post level 100, the "upgrades" to anchor are underwhelming. Anchor's damage severely falls...
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Hello everyone! Let me start by saying this is like the third time trying out Dofus. The single box server and new hd widescreen really got me hyped. 

Here is the issue, every time I have played, I get around level 50 and just get stuck.
Basically the flowers from the field and gobbals is what I have been killing. There are a few things I just do not understand though. Basically it seems like my xp is capped on these lower level mobs at this point. No matter how many I take on in one group I get...
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Hello everyone. I used to enjoy Dofus but stopped playing due to the sheer amount of multiboxing while I only enjoy a solo play experience. Has this gotten any better or is there still no place or very little place for the solo player?

Thank you.