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Pandragon Pandawa Lvl 172 Remington
Helbredegon Eniripsa Lvl 171 Remington
Bellatogon Sacrier Lvl 171 Remington
Sweet-Song Eniripsa Lvl 5 Dathura
Goloragon Xelor Lvl 3 Remington
Gunpoint Cra Lvl 1 Efrim

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Can someone tell me how to do it? I go to the machine but I can't for the life of me take some shards out of gear.
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Hey. I was wondering if it's still possible to drop legendary items from mobs outside dungeons now that the dungeons changed to only let you drop legendaries if you run 21 Stasis or more.
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I recently got back to playing. I have two characters lvl 160+ that have access to Mount Zinit through Zaps. However, when I get there, I can't reach the dungeons. There's, like, no way to cross the little rivers and stones and actually walk through the map.

I thought that it must be because I didn't do any quests to get there, just got access directly through zaps. Then I researched where I have to go the get the quests, and it all points out to NPC Buddy Hully. I go talk to him, but he gives me...