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Hello there! Below a proposotion for a low-cost set of decks for each god with two constraint :No krosmic or infinite. Exact same neutral base. In the range of 1500~1700 dust total.
Thus you can easily switch between gods as a new player to try them out. Almost all cards are also usable in more competitive decks, so it's not a wasted-craft when you want to switch to better decks.

Are they competitve ?
Definitely no. No infinite and no krosmic is a huge constraint and you're gonna be missing value...
By Lodesu - 2019-12-30 20:31:22 in Your Decks
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Heya there!

Just using a thread here to share decks I've played or that I am currently playing, both for "serious" ranked business and fun unranked games (doesn't mean they're bad, just more gimmicky). Will complete whenever I feel like it. You can also request specific deck and if I'm bored I might do something around it!

I will use a specific #GOD-SERIOUS or #GOD-FUN if you want to search using CTRL+F for something. For instance #ENUTROF-SERIOUS.


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By Lodesu - 2018-07-14 10:59:54 in Tournaments
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Players will post (on the french forum) the decklists they'll be using this week for the final tournament of this season.

Here are mine.