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Member since 2010-10-23


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-07-29


Doctor Strangelove Masqueraider Lvl 161 Nox
Hippolyta Sacrier Lvl 41 Nox
Gin And Tonic Cra Lvl 34 Nox
Sugar Loaf Feca Lvl 14 Nox
Rajamet Sadida Lvl 2 Remington
Ruced Pandawa Lvl 1 Nox

Activity on the wakfu Forum

By Little-Xer - 2019-07-17 13:27:48 in Guilds
6 227
Old-time player from the early days of Dofus and then Wakfu here. Thinking about getting back into the game but it seems after my several year hiatus Nox is dead! 

Just putting out some feelers looking for a guild that may actually be active enough to make this game worth playing again.

in-game name: Doctor Strangelove

By Little-Xer - 2015-06-16 16:10:27 in Trade
0 230
Title says it all

/w Doctor Strangelove

By Little-Xer - 2015-06-02 18:43:07 in Trade
0 304
Title says it all.

Message me in-game to talk price
Doctor Strangelove