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By LitsDG - 2014-06-03 19:30:13 in Problems and solutions
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during kolo fight,- i have bought Magical Org . Because of some lag -i did log off\log on during that fight after purchase, when fight was over- i log off\log on again to receive an Orb, but didnt get anything D: How can i get it?(
By LitsDG - 2013-09-14 23:24:25 in General Discussion
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Hey guys and gals, just logged back after litle brake and noticed anoying thing about this game.
i have 200 lvl char and ab 1500-1600 Kolo rating(i play only random fights and got just 10\5 gear) and this evening i continuously get same all 12\5 overgeared team in 1\2 of all fights on rushu server. are rating broken AGAIN, or its just ppl leave this unbalanced game? i mean Saturdays evening and one of the biggest non-french servers aaand i even queue with delay to let them fight after my defeat with...
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dear players, read this TO PREVENT HACK YOUR ACCOUNT

hackers form Marocco spam messages via ANKABOX like
Following the previous problems that Ankama Has Had, it offers a shield mount in the loterie game! So, Play in the loterie game, you can win the shield mount, So play and see how lucky you are : link removed"

DONT USE THIS LIKNS else they get your password\login and spam this message from your account, if you unlucky and have shield deactivated-they grab all yor stuff.
be carefull and plz...