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By Liquid-Flame - 2016-12-14 00:27:53 in Sacrier
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I have an intel sac. It's great for turn 1 and maybe turn 2, but typically is dead before the end of the first turn. Even with an eni dedicated to healing it, I must rely on Leek Pie (which does the same damage as the main fire heal/damage spell but has better range) and Lightning Strike and Otomai Sword to deal damage without dying at the end of my turn. I cannot even survive against 70% fire resistant apewicubic bearbarian monsters; I get ruined by the -500 heals state applied and have no opportunity...
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I tried logging into but the web site just doesn't do anything after I type in my username and password and press enter. The URL is I filed a ticket. I can obviously log into the site, but not after clicking on Kama Exchange.
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When a spell is selected and a serpula (found in Korriander's Lair) is targeted such that the damage preview would be shown for it, the game client stalls and crashes, probably because it cannot manage the fact that spells on a serpula reset everyone to their starting positions and upon damage the preview mismatches the actual resultant location of the serpula and other characters.

Is this a known bug? It has gotten worse with the most recent update or maybe it is worse because I'm using a laptop...