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I just had a question on the prerequisites for fighting the 4 horsemen of the eliopocalypse together.

To access their dungeon, do I need to just beat them in their respective dungeons to face all 4, OR beat them AND complete all of their quests? My main is doing the quests (I still have a couple dungeons to complete), but my alts are not. Do I need to go back and complete them? Thanks for the help!

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So, does anyone know how to defeat the Autumn Knight on an Ecaflip? (Eliocalypse War Quest #3)

He boosts himself 1k to 1.5k shield every turn and has a spell that dispels (removes my Wheel of Fortune buff easily).

Each turn he gains about 300 power (by turn 11 he gets an 11ap 3k power buff)

He has about 20% resistances and has 10k hp. 

I have tried erosion, combinations of every dofus (sparkling silver dofus never has a chance to trigger, as he kills me immediately once I am under 20% hp).

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I recently finished the Ebony dofus quest and am working on the final quest for reunification. However, as I just finished "armed against destiny" I am unable to start the quest "The End...or the Beginning?" from the npc Rimanda. The french guide clearly states it starts in the same dialogue as you finished the previous quest. I received rewards and notification of the previous quest reward, but no start of the next quest. 

I did have to relog in the vortex dungeon fight previously and...