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I recently finished the Ebony dofus quest and am working on the final quest for reunification. However, as I just finished "armed against destiny" I am unable to start the quest "The End...or the Beginning?" from the npc Rimanda. The french guide clearly states it starts in the same dialogue as you finished the previous quest. I received rewards and notification of the previous quest reward, but no start of the next quest. 

I did have to relog in the vortex dungeon fight previously and...
By Linyth - 2018-05-28 21:35:12 in General Discussion
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I am finding it strange that we are almost in June awaiting an update to the game that will supposedly give us a new area, new mounts, and finally give us the Ebony Dofus and a seeming end to the main story of the game, and yet we've received very little information about anything in this update. Even the Gamakna issue only told us about Dofus Donjons and new mounts.

My question is this. Can we expect any of this content soon, or has it been internally delayed? Usually I'd think that when you are...