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i sent several messages to the ankama asking about the update,in most of them they either told me that it will come some time in the future and that we should be patient in some other messages they told me that they will forward my message to the developer team.
now they are saying"unfortunately,we cannot disclose any information on why the Krosmaga update has not been made".

stop the radio silence already and tell us why it hasn't come and if possible when it will come.
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it has been over a month,the update was suppossed to come at december.
even the chinese new year has passed,tell us what is going on with the update
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imagine a scenario where both players have this guy,they have a wall infront of their grougaloragran,and both of them don't have any cards in their decks and no way to destroy or remove any of the grougloragrans.

since grougaloragran protects the dofus from taking ANY damage,the dofus cannot be destroyed therefore the game can only end when one of the players quits.

grougaloragran should not protect the dofus from the deck out damage.

this scenario almost happened to me today.