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the exploit consists of the cards art of stuffing and any bakara card.
a player can play the art of tuffying,then in the next turn play bakara,then in the next turn play the art of stuffying again,then play bakara again leading to an endless loop.
the only ways to stop it are if you play a card that either deals damage to bakara or makes her irremovable.
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i just noticed some amazing detail in the card Emma Zone,she has only one boob.
the reason this is happening isn't a mistake,it is because some hystorians argue that the word amazon meant
no-boob,and they believe that they were called like that because they cut one of their boobs so they can use their arrows.

also some other people argue that the word amazon also meant big-boobs.
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it has been months ever since dewit or pretty much any community manager posted a comment here,what happened?was he fired

also why the krosmaga devs stoped talking to us in discord?do they speak to us in any other social media?
it has been a long time ever since the last update,i wonder what's going on?