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Caska Rogue Lvl 146 Rubilax
King Durian Iop Lvl 126 Rubilax
Yuno Gasai Sacrier Lvl 125 Rubilax
Floppypeenda Feca Lvl 124 Rubilax
Applause Please Cra Lvl 124 Rubilax
Denka Sama Iop Lvl 123 Rubilax
Steam Boy Foggernaut Lvl 104 Rubilax
Hjöbrimul Xelor Lvl 78 Rubilax
Sharts Cra Lvl 59 Rubilax

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By LifeIlluminated - 2019-11-26 19:46:57 in Technical Issues
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Is there anyway to increase the UI size? Im literally getting headaches playing this game because I cant read anything without squinting. This is terrible. I don't understand how this isn't an option from within the game as it really makes it so those who have bad eyesight unable to play Wakfu on a modern computer. 

I've tried changing my computers resolution and have tried a bunch of different random fixes and nothing seems to get the UI to scale properly. 

Someone save me before I go blind...
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I recently bought a hero booster and decided I wanted to catch my new characters up on the Zinit quest line. However, because I already left astrub before doing the initial quests, Bossowl's "Speak to Bossowl Quest" to leave by ship for Zinit will not work. 

I keep clicking through the dialogue but nothing happens. Bossowl will not let me "leave" astrub despite the fact that I have already. Essentialy my character cannot progress in the story line anymore. 

Edit: yes I meet the requirments of...