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By Liangi - 2018-01-12 19:13:13 in Osamodas
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Black Toad Artificial Intelligence sucks! 

1º Problem: We all know that the damage depends on the quantity of MP the toad has right? So more used MP, less damage. The problem is when he has the choice of attacking 2 enemies and they have different resistances, he goes to the one with less resistance but what happens if that one is more far? He goes anyway and he does less damage because of MP loss.
(Instead of hitting -400hp into one he choses to inflict -50hp to the other because had less resis)

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Hi, I just want to report a bug/problem with the spell Duster and its damage.

Casting the spell with no tofus on the map, the previous damage is correct.
Casting the spell with tofus on the map, the previous damage is much higher then the actual one.

I've calculate the damage that I would on theory do and is as the Previous Damage shows, so its correct.

So I'm dealing less damage that I should correspond.


Sorry, I have restarted the program and cleaned caché and something changed.
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Hi, I have not found the same topic, if there is one already I apologize in advance.

The problem is to recast Prey after the monster is dead, normally works just fine but there is sometimes that the monster dies but I cannot recast prey.
Example: I put prey into a tofu, I kill it with carcass to maximise my spell but when I want to put prey again I can't... Just sometimes.
Also in the next turn, the tofu is dead but I don't recover the prey.
Thank you very much

This only happens sometimes, but...