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Small little neat picking thing.
Was training some mounts yesterday for breeding, did all my dailies today in a sprint and only on the last one I noticed I only got 14k xp. 90% was going to a mount that was fully leveled up. Ç__Ç
By Lehari - 2022-10-31 21:01:18 in Suggestion Box
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I keep hearing Ankama complaining the player never read quests text. 
Maybe if we had some better looking dialog system, with large, comfortable to read text it would be more encouraging.

At least for now can we at least have an option to increase text size for chat and characters dialog and etc?
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It reflects almost all my damage. It used to heal, so I could barely win before, but now it's not even healing me anymore.
At this point I might as well just give up the fight, so I can get back to the zaap and head back to farming.
That's absurd.