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Played this expantion for a while and i am curious about those Nekro cards. They seem quite strong alone even if you don't aim for that deadly book - that's weird. But, about the orbs:

1-st orb is 2 dmg for 4 mana. Pretty expensive, yet as it comes with all nekro cards as bonus - this is actually a great card.
But if you have 3 of those they fuse into 2nd orb: dofuses are immune to dmg for 1 turn (for 4 AP).
How is that good? You basically delay your defeat for 1 turn, wtf. You might draw something...
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Anyone else feeling that first strike is gamebreaking in arena?

Basically, anything big with first strike almost surely wins line. 7\7 minion + first strike is the best example.
And Iop have a bunch of cards that give first strike, those aren't that rare.

I guess it is also strong in normal games, but there you will actually have a nice many answers (i guess), but in arena it's unlikely.

First strike is very hard to counter.
Ordinary ways have almost no use:
* You need stronger minion than firststriker...
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okay, Okay OKAY!
I'm here again to say, that 1-6 roulette is stupid unbalanced monstrosity.
Played as Ecaflip a bunch of draft plays. (not like i played only "a bunch", i played often before, but this bunch forced me to go on forums to complain )

* Pay 10 mana to deal 1 aoe dmg - how nice is that? I had that luck around 5 times in a row (in different games). Anyway, this spell seems like bad design. Dealing 4-6 aoe dmg can destroy all hopes for your enemy, while dealing 1 often does that for yourself.