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I was embarassed when the "Cup Oshimo" was brought up in french, sent the files to a friend thinking it was server vs. server competion and had him translate the pages. Then again I'm usually prepared since Dofus many years ago I've learned to keep a translator up. I highly recommend any keyboard plugins that let you highlight to auto translate.
By Majination - 2017-08-30 20:29:59 in Miscellaneous
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Sorry to double post but browser's bugging. I was also gunna mention I cant see them starting alot of new servers being quiet a few are claimed "dead". Though that's only because the various timezones and people arent all on at once.
By Majination - 2017-08-30 20:29:59 in Miscellaneous
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Your not too far behind and its nice when there's already 10th gen mounts etc. If you choose Grandapan , (witch is honestly a bit quiet) I'd be willing to catch ya up to speed and help with pre-150 sets. Pm: "Leech" if intrested.